I had never tried yoga before working with Jessica, mostly because I didn't understand how much of a mental and physical workout it is. I had naively thought it might be boring to 'stretch' for an hour, but with Jessica's help I got a great workout and some peaceful time to calm down. One important aspect of a private lesson was that Jessica could correct my poses and ensure that I was doing them right, which helped really stretch and strengthen the parts of my body that need work.

 After working with Jessica, I had a much better idea of where my body is weak and strong, and how I might strengthen my shoulders and hips which need help. More importantly, I just felt good and calm, something I often struggle with. Jessica lead the session well and it was easy to follow instructions and let my mind focus on breathing and moving. 

I really enjoy Jessica's blend of humor and serious approach to Yoga. It is clear she deeply respects the tradition, but she also recognizes that when I fall over, it's ok to laugh and move on. 

Working with Jess is enlightening and calming. Also just a great workout. 

- MR (Durham, NC)

I always enjoy working with Jessica.  She is extremely knowledgable and a very capable yoga practitioner herself, but still great at understanding and respecting the needs and challenges of a beginner like me.  Working with Jessica, I always feel comfortable, physically and mentally.  She employs a wide array of poses, with modifications for each as necessary, so that I feel challenged but not uncomfortable.  She's given me modifications to accommodate and strengthen my trouble spots so that I feel more capable in my own practice and in group classes.

Jessica incorporates a great balance of strength, flexibility, and mindfulness in her practice.  I feel refreshed, energized, and centered after working with her.  Even if I request to work on a particular area, like improving the flexibility in my lower body or working out tension in my back, Jessica is able to incorporate my requests into a balanced session that rejuvenates my entire body.

More than anything else, I like working with Jessica because she makes the experience fun and uplifting.  She is relaxed and lighthearted, but also attentive during sessions.  I don't just smile when I feel great after the session, I smile during the session, too.

- Adrian D. (Chapel Hill, NC)

Jessica has a great way of suggesting new things and giving good explanations on poses and alignment which really help. She is also very encouraging when you don’t think you might be able to do something… she got me to try some things I had not done before and that is always good!

Her friendliness, openness, and patience all contribute to a great practice. Also, of course, the fact that she knows what she is doing and inspires really help.

I would definitely recommend Jessica. She listens well, is patient and open, but also careful to heed what her clients say. Those are all important aspects to a trainer, coach or instructor. Also, she is very laid back yet focused on the practice which is a great combination. I very much enjoyed the practice… I was challenged which was great and felt calm, relaxed and strong when it was all over. Great stress buster!

Susan P. (Durham, NC)

Since working with Jessica, I have used my knowledge of breathing to help calm myself and bring mental clarity to situations outside of yoga, which has been extremely helpful. I always feel more mental clarity and awareness of how our breath and body move as one unit. To that end, I am much more appreciative of how letting the body control the breath and letting the breath control the body do not yield the same results.

Jessica is extremely knowledgeable about the purpose of each move and how to do it correctly. Regardless of the position I am in, Jessica offers simple, effective instructions and tidbits of information about how to ensure that we are strengthening, lengthening, deepening our bodies in the most efficient and effective ways. I always know why I am doing each pose and how to make sure that my body is doing it correctly. I never lose track of my breath!

I would obviously recommend working with Jessica! She creates a warm, safe, and stimulating environment where you can not only get a effective workout, but you can appreciate how the practice of yoga transcends exercise and extends throughout our daily lives.            

-Nicole R. (Durham, NC)

I am active cyclist - and the power segment has strengthened my core, glutes, and hips.  After several months of taking her class, my pedal stroke is stronger and more efficient.The beauty of her class is that the same muscles that are strengthened are also stretched, which has virtually eliminated knee pain from tight hips.

Finally, the pace and tone of her class allows for an inward workout that leaves me feeling peaceful and relaxed. I encourage you to give it a try - she makes it fun and creates a space full of generosity and kindness.

-Joy S. (Durham, NC)