The World Cup is cramping my blog style! Here is a very late post on confidence (something that keeps popping up in my life in the last couple of weeks).

Public speaking, driving, yoga poses, asking for help, or trying something new or really doing anything. What do all of these random things have in common? They all require confidence and trust that when you take your next step everything will be fine. Building up confidence...not easy.

How many times have you talked about or just wondered about the difference between confidence and arrogance? If I am too confident, I am arrogant? Will people think I am arrogant if I am confident? I get this little voice in my head when I am building confidence, "if you are too confident, you will become arrogant!" Thanks to Bill Hader in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, then another voice comes into my head, "Whoa! PUMP THE BREAKS!" Arrogance is completely different than confidence, but I have always reminded myself that it is a fine line to walk. Well, it's not quite as fine as I was thinking actually. 

One of the definitions of confidence (according to google) is "a feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities." describes confidence as "a feeling of trust and firm belief in yourself or others." 

Annnnnnd the definition of arrogance at Merriam-Webster's website is "an insulting way of thinking or behaving that comes from believing that you are better, smarter, or more important than other people." 


Appreciating and trusting your own natural energy and/or the energy of the people around you or trusting in the truth and energy of the universe is where confidence can be found. On the other hand, believing that your energy is more valuable or somehow better than others' is where arrogance lurks. These are pretty different feelings. There is no trust nor appreciation in arrogance. Having trust (con-fide-nce) in the universe (or god or love or the energy or whatever you want to call it) and experiencing that feeling of fullness and support is where confidence begins to build a foundation within you. 

I love the phrase "exuding confidence." Now whenever I think about trying to exude confidence, I think about exuding trust--trust in myself and in the support and energy I receive from the universe, friends, and loved ones. 

There are different ways to build confidence. As always coming back to the breath and bringing the mind back into the body can always help. I like doing this while imagining a bright light radiating from my body and connecting with the bright light of the universe. Some people like to find the connectedness and trust with the universe through nature, yoga, running, singing, church, or swimming in the ocean. What is your way to connect and build confidence?